About HowToSTEM

Educator Emily Hunt founded HowToSTEM to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for younger children. STEM skills open the door to a wide variety of exciting career paths including some of the highest paid and most in demand jobs in the country. What’s more, the demand for STEM graduates is only set to grow. HowToSTEM equips teachers and parents with the activities and resources they need to confidently teach STEM skills.

Our aims:

  • To bring 21st century skills into the classroom through practical, real-life investigations.
  • To link our STEM activities to the UK curriculum
  • To promote a Project-based Learning (PBL)* approach to STEM
  • To keep classroom practitioners up-to-date with the latest information about STEM

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*  ‘Project-based learning’ (PBL) encourages children to collaborate together, applying their knowledge in order to solve practical, real-life problems. In giving learning a purpose, it enables children to draw upon their natural curiosity, challenging ideas and developing their own. PBL develops the skills of perseverance and determination,  offering a safe environment in children can make mistakes and learn from them. We encourage educators to try this project-based approach when using our STEM resources. For more information about project-based learning, read Alec Patton’s ‘Work That Matters: The Teacher’s Guide to Project-Based Learning’ here.

If you’re going to move towards equipping young people to become inveterate and adept collaborative problem-solvers, you need to give people experiences of that. You can’t teach them in a traditional way. You have to create experiences.” extract from ‘What is Dynamic Learning’ by Charles Leadbeater (June 2016) found here .