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STEM THEME: Engineering, 3D design and printing


SUMMARY: Morphi is one of the best 3D modelling and printing apps around for children. The userface can initially seem daunting but don’t worry, there are some great tutorials on youtube and the Morphi website to help you familarise yourself with it. The app allows you to rotate your 3D object, change the colour, background, size etc. As well as manipulating the 3D shapes provided, you can also draw and create your own objects.There’s also an Augmented Reality option where you can add a real-life background through your iPad’s camera. Designs can then be brought to life using a 3D printer.

TOP TIP: I may be pointing out the obvious here but if you’re going to use this app with your class then it’s worth spending time getting to know how it works first! Also, children can still gain a lot from using this app even if you don’t have the 3D printing facilities.