STEM Advent Calendar

STEM Advent Calendar

STEM advent calendar

We’re kicking off December with a STEM advent calendar. Behind each door is hidden a STEM related picture, activity, book or app suitable for children. Enjoy!


Here we go with door number 1 on the STEM advent calendar and it’s the Geoboard app! It’s free to download and a quick, fun way for children to make Christmas shapes like snowflakes, stars and Christmas trees. Find out more about the app here.

Time to look behind door number 2 of the STEM advent calendar and today it’s these stunning magnified snowflakes. Formed from frozen water vapour, every snowflake has 6 sides and is thought to be unique. Cool huh?


Following on from yesterday’s magnified snowflakes, behind door 3 of the STEM advent calendar  is a ‘special snowflakes’ activity. How does the pattern of the snowflake affect the speed it falls? See 15-Minute STEM for more details. Click here for or here for


The wintery book behind door number 4 of the STEM advent calendar is a great way for young children to see the relationship between maths and nature. Click here for


Absolutely love the rainbow-coloured igloo behind door number 5 of the STEM advent calendar. Water and food colouring were added to milk cartons and frozen to create colourful bricks. Anyone else have a sudden urge to recreate this?!

There’s an Earth Scientist hiding behind door number 6 of the STEM advent calendar. Earth Scientists study the earth and its atmosphere and the impact of human activity on our environment. These Earth Scientists work in wintery climates.

Time to open door number 7 of the STEM advent calendar.  Have a go at some Christmas coding with the Scratch app. It’s free to download, perfect for children and a really fun way to develop programming skills.


Behind door 8 of the STEM advent calendar are some very unconventional Christmas trees! Each has been engineered from shapes including spheres, spirals and cubes. Which is your favourite?

Door number 9 of the STEM advent calendar contains the beautiful book ‘How Big is a Million?’ This picture book uses wintery images such as penguins and snowflakes to help children to understand the concept of big numbers. Check it out here:

With the days getting shorter and shorter, Oreo Moons seems an apt activity to be behind door number 10 of the STEM advent calendar. Recreate the lunar cycle using oreos, take a photo and then eat the oreos! For activity instructions click here.

15-Minute STEM is tucked behind door number 11. It’s full of quick, easy-to-resource STEM activities and would make a fab Christmas present for children or teachers. Each activity comes with step-by-step instructions and opportunities for further investigation. For more details click here.

Tangrams are a collection of seven puzzle pieces that can be arranged together to form shapes. Print off a tangram outline or download a tangram app and have a go at creating some Christmas themed shapes! See if you can create a present, Christmas tree or candle. Door 12 of the  STEM advent calendar.

There’s an astronomer behind door 14 of the STEM advent calendar. Astronomy is the study of the universe beyond the earth, including stars and planets. Check out ‘Go Stargazing’ to find public stargazing events near you.

Check back each day to see what is behind the doors. You can also follow the STEM advent calendar on our Twitter and Facebook pages!


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