We’ve compiled a list of links to recent research, publications and news articles about STEM in primary schools. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issues they raise.

  • Drawing the Future’ report (Jan 2018) read here
  • ‘STEM starts early: grounding science, technology, engineering and maths in early childhood’ – Publication (2017) read here
  • ‘Computing in Schools – alarm bells over England’s classes’ – BBC News (June 2017) read here
  • ‘Creating a Playful Atmosphere Boosts Achievement’ – Independent Education Today (April 2017) read here
  • ‘How a Sword and Sorcery Camp Uses Immersive Role-Play to teach STEAM‘- MindShift (April 2017) read here
  • Teach ‘problem solving’ to produce engineers, schools urged – BBC News (March 2017) read here
  • ‘What is Dynamic Learning’ by Charles Leadbeater (June 2016) watch here
  • ‘What is the UK doing about its STEM skills shortfall?’ – The Telegraph (Nov 2016) read here
  • ‘Science ‘squeezed out of primary schools’ – The BBC (March 2015) read here
  • ‘The Impact of Virtual Reality on Education’ – TED talk (2015) watch here
  • ‘Nipping the STEM gender imbalance in the bud’ – The Telegraph (June 2014) read here
  • STEM skills should be integrated across the curriculum’ – The Telegraph (March 2014)  read here
  • ‘Work that Matters: the teacher’s guide to project based learning’. Read to find out more about project-based learning:  read here