The Math Inspectors

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The Maths Inspectors Series (7-11yrs)

KEY CONCEPT: Maths problems covering a range of calculations.

DESCRIPTION FROM THE PUBLISHER: When the Claymore Diamond is stolen from Ravensburg’s finest jewellery store, Stanley Carusoe gets the bright idea that he and his friends should start a detective agency. Armed with curiosity and their love for maths, Stanley, Charlotte, Gertie and Felix race around town in an attempt to solve the mystery. Along the way, they’ll butt heads with an ambitious police chief, uncover dark secrets, and drink lots of milkshakes at Mabel’s Diner. But when their backs are against the wall, Stanley and his friends rely on the one thing they know best: numbers. Because numbers, they never lie. Join Stanley and his friends in this smart and funny first mystery in The Math Inspectors series, perfect for maths lovers, maths haters, and all kids ages 9-12.

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