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Mary and Louis Leakey


NAME: Mary and Louis Leakey (English)

Mary: 16th Feb 1913 – 9th Dec 1996. Louis: 7th August 1903 – 1st Oct 1972.

JOB: Archaeologist and paleontologists.

KEY FACTS: Mary Leakey was born in London, England. Her family travelled around a lot and during this time she developed an interest in archaeology. She went on to meet and marry Louis Leakey, a paleoanthropologist (studied fossils). They had three sons and enjoyed exploring and excavating as a family. They spent much of their life working in Tanzania and Kenya in East Africa. Throughout their career they discovered 15 new species of animals.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Mary Leakey discovered 15 new species of animal throughout her career. Mary discovered the first proconsul skill (an extinct primate).

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