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Summer STEM Ideas origami and stem stem: building early foundations

15 Minute STEM

Emily Hunt’s ’15-Minute STEM’ is an exciting collection of 40 quick, creative and easy-to-resource Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics activities for 5-11 year olds. From caring for our environment to



We blog about all things STEM! Our posts are full of STEM education advice, recommendations of books and apps, and reviews of STEM activities.


STEM Books

Whether you’re looking for a book to link to a particular STEM theme or simply want some STEMspiration for your reading area, these fantastic STEM reads will get you started. Click on each

stem apps


We’ve gathered together some of our favourite STEM apps to save you time. What’s more, each app is free! Click on each logo to find out more about the app.  

STEM Careers

STEM skills open the door to so many amazing careers. Here are just a few of them. Click on each image to find out more about the job. Alternatively, click

inspiring people

Inspirational People

We’ve created profiles for some of the many inspirational people within STEM. Why not share this page with your class or use these profiles as a starting point to do further


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    Don’t let common misperceptions hold you back. Follow these tips and use a cross-disciplinary approach to get children engaged, says Emily […]
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    The days are getting lighter, the weather is getting warmer: Summer has finally arrived! Here are 4 Summer STEM activities and 4 Summer STEM books to […]
  • origami and stemOrigami and STEM
    There’s something about origami that really seems to capture children’s imagination. In most of the classes that I have taught over the […]
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    Changing the learning culture to embrace failure is crucial to students’ future success, says teacher Emily Hunt (@HowtoSTEM). Click here to […]
  • headteacher updateSTEM: Building early foundations
    When should we introduce the STEM approach and how can we maintain children’s engagement with STEM throughout their education? Emily Hunt offers […]


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