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About Emily Hunt

I’m Emily Hunt, I’m a primary school teacher and I’ll put my hands up and say that I went into teaching disliking STEM subjects. I’d always felt disengaged with maths and science throughout my own education and at times I couldn’t help but wonder ‘what’s the point in learning about this? How is this ever going to be useful to me?’ I just couldn’t see how what I was learning in school was ever going to help me in life.

One positive that came from this was the motivation to make children’s learning relevant to their own lives and to give it a real-world purpose. Suddenly I began to find I was enjoying teaching these subjects more than I ever imagined!

It was when I became science subject lead and organised the annual school science week that my passion for STEM education took off. I wanted to make the week as exciting and relevant to the futures of the children in our school as possible. So for the first time we held a STEM week, inviting in STEM professionals and filling it with projects based on real-world learning.

In organising this, I came to realise that there was very little on the internet focused on primary STEM education. This led me to build this website and, in time, to write the ’15-Minute STEM’ series. I currently work as a teacher and freelance STEM writer.

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Some of the areas that I may be able to help you with are:

Articles and Resources

I regularly do freelance work for magazines, websites and companies to create articles and bespoke resources. My articles cover a range of areas relating to STEM education and previous titles have included; ‘no-budget STEM fun at home’, ‘how to create a mistake-friendly classroom’, ‘inspiring an innovation mindset’ and ‘STEM: building early foundations’. I also create STEM activities and lesson plans, drawing upon my experience as a classroom teacher and knowledge of the curriculum.

I have written and developed resources for the following:



I deliver talks at schools, events, festivals and conferences. My talks focus on offering advice and practical activity ideas for delivering high quality STEM education from a young age. I’m also available to give to talks on career-related learning. 

Previous and upcoming events include:


Recent podcasts include: